Dufferin Forest planning Update

March 26th, 2015 by in Everything

Hey Team Van Goers, It’s been awhile since there has been any news on the Dufferin County Forest plan.  A brief story line: things were going well up to last Sept/Oct. Then a great deal of resistance was being exhibited towards the motorized vehicles issue.  At this point, current Council decided to defer any decisions to the new Council.  Now that the current Council is settled in, an Advisory Committee is currently being formed to advise Council on matters pertaining to the County Forests.  This Committee is being formed by three Dufferin Council members (which have already been chosen) and five members of the public.  The County is currently taking applications for these five positions.  Here is the link to the notice for the application:


In the notice, they list some elements they are looking for. I wouldn’t be overly concerned if you don’t have the formal requirements they list (except that you do have to be a resident of Dufferin County).  I think that there is valve in having applicants that are actually utilizing the County Forests.  So if you have interest in what happens with our County Forests and would like to have input to their future, please send in an application.  The more applicants, the more well rounded the Committee could be. It’s a great opportunity to have an influence on what will be in place for the next 20 years.

Once meetings commence, I’ll post times and locations as they are open to the public (you don’t need to be a Dufferin resident to attend).  It will be an opportunity to voice your opinion as well and show support for our County Forests.  See you there!


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