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May 21st, 2015 by in Everything

Hi All,


Janet sent me the below with regards to the current situation at dufferin forest.



The below description is with regards to the Tos Part of the forest.  The logging has made the Lollipo (Non-arrow direction) impassible as well as the trail to nowhere



Debris wasn’t bad at all. The trails are leaf covered and there are a few log rollovers. A few twigs, but nothing to force a dismount per se. Other riders have created ridearounds in those areas where there’s a large fall. The two attached pics show the variations — some are completely leaf strewn while others are only partial. There is a section that’s like the pine forest sections along Ken’s and on the stretch to the 20th.

There was only one true obstruction that required a lift over. And there’s one spot where you have to go under a fallen tree. I was able to clear it (although I was flat on my handlebar) on both ascent and descent. Someone taller would need to be careful or dismount. There has been some trees taken down, but they have all been felled so they don’t go across trail. Fascinating.
The flow is actually quite fun in both directions. I think it’s swoopier north to south, but there’s a super steep hill with exposed roots that I think would force off even the most experienced rider (you may prove me wrong :)). South to north delivered a complete ride with virtually no dismounts or dabs. The south to north requires the under tree on a climb — that means it looks a little roomier. The south end is accessed through the second cedar rail triangle and via Look Before You Leap — it’s accessed as you emerge onto that convergence of fire roads (take a left on the one furthest and you’ll see the trail right there on the right). You can follow it all the way until you hit the Simcoe fire road side of the Townline. At that point, right takes you toward the back entrance to the new section; left takes you back to fire roads that let you slip right back into the Trail to Nowhere.

Rose and I have been calling it the Lolli-Tos 😉 I cranked it out on Sunday (pre logging) at a great clip: http://www.movescount.com/moves/move62721749. I used the small stretch of the Lolli and double it, so it’s like a figure eight. We had hoped Tuesday to a loop that was Lolli to Trail to Nowhere, New Section (out and back, or up to the back and Townline to Tos), Tos and then complete the Lolli home.
Thanks to Janet and Rose for the update!
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