Current Trail Conditions

January 21st, 2015 by in Everything

Hi All,


Last night we went out and checked on the Trails, and the conditions.  Below are status’:


Single Track:  Trail is hard packed, with lots of traction.  If you fall off the edges you will sink a little, but you can power our of that snow back onto the trail.


Snowmobile Trail:  The edges of the trail, where a sled has not run was in great shape.  The spots where the sled were one were a little softer, but still very manageable.


Groomer Tracks:  On some of the fireroads where there is no XC Trail or Snowmobile Trail a Groomer has run through.  The track set on the groomer are great.  You would think it would be bumpy, but not bad at all.


All in all, the trails in the forest are in superb condition!!!




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