Collingwood Beer Run!!

August 8th, 2015 by in Everything

A reminder to all of those who “cheered” (and also to those who where not there, but would have “cheered” it if they were!) to doing the Collingwood Beer Run (remember , at the craft beer festival in Collingwood…).  Registration is now open and will sell out at 500 people.  K & J have signed up already (select 2nd wave start time 2:30, only 125 per wave).  The date is Oct 3rd and you get to run from one craft brewery to the next. Once at a brewery, you must remain there for 20 minutes (I can’t imagine doing what, sampling??)  before you head to the next one. What could go wrong? Try to sign up soon so we can all represent TVG in the same wave! Mmmmm, beer!!!

To make it simple, here’s the link….no excusses!

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