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Trail update.

January 20th, 2020 by in Everything

The hard working groomer crew is heading out today and the intent is to get the 18km network all re-groomed today.

Please don’t ride it today as it will need the night to set up as they are packing in a foot of snow and it still will be soft for a while. We are finding it needs 12 hours or so before it is set and it’s good to ride. If you ride too early you will just leave ruts behind for everyone else to not enjoy and just more work for us. Waiting a day for perfect conditions is key.

MOC will be re-grooming  tomorrow so their trails should be in really good shape. They would be good for a ride today as well. I believe they are open all week for FBing as they are open for skiing. We will get out after they groom and set down an awesome FB track beside the ski track to make it even better.

Just a reminder if you want to support the FB grooming crew and help keep the groomer going (fuel, maintenance, upgrades) you can pitch in a few $$ anytime by using the “Donate” tab to the right. Anything at all is appreciated and it all goes 100% back into providing 18km’s of awesome machine groomed FB single track!


Sunday Ride report & MOC open for FBing

January 19th, 2020 by in Everything

Got out for a ride at Mansfield Outdoor Centre today. Trails where a bit soft but we managed a ride (did the red and blue loop) and enjoyed some tasty chilli afterwards!

DCF trails are buried so may as well wait for the next grooming session to happen.

Fun news….The MOC will now be open this winter for FBing anytime they are open for skiing. Refer to their website to check if the ski trails are open or not. Open for skiing=open for Fbing! Day pass for FBing is $15 incl tax. Purchase a ski pass and ski in the morning and FB in the afternoon! It was nice today to have somewhere warm before and after the ride to hang out.


Combining all the trails available for Fbing and there will now be over 40km’s of groomed trails for FBing combining MOC and DCF. That’s pretty awesome.




Sunday ride 1PM, Mansfield Outdoor Centre

January 19th, 2020 by in Everything

MOC is open today for Fat biking so we are going to head there for a ride. Parking is at the Main Lodge and it will be $15 for a day pass. They groomed late last night/this morning so hopefully the trails will have time to set up by 1pm.  This will be a 2 track ride as all the single track will likely be a bit buried.

1pm start time and you can bring a snack and beverage to enjoy after in the Main Lodge.


Sunday Fat Biking -Mansfield Outdoor Centre is open for Fat Biking!

January 18th, 2020 by in Everything

Hi everyone. If you are looking to get a ride or ski in tomorrow Mansfield Outdoor Centre is opening their trails for Fat Biking tomorrow (Sunday). They are grooming the ski trails tonight and will have a section beside that for Fat Biking. There should be 25 plus km’s of trails groomed. The Dufferin Forest Fat Bike single track is under a bunch of snow and may or may not be passable until we groom again. You can give it a try if you like.

Parking will be at the Main Lodge (not the Field Centre) and a day pass is $15 for as much riding as you like. You will have access to the Main Lodge to get set up, warm up between outings and chill out afterwards. You will purchase your pass there.

This should provide a great option for groomed trail riding.

Bring you Fat Bike and skis is you are adventurous!

Saturday Ride 11AM/Trail Condition Update

January 17th, 2020 by in Everything

11am start on Saturday.

All 18km’s of single track is freshly groomed so hopefully if we get out at 11 we will be ahead of the big snow fall. Trails should be awesome tomorrow. I put up the orange cone this afternoon to discourage riding the trails as I just finished grooming and they are still soft. They will set up well tonight so if the first person out tomorrow could move the cones that would be great.

I did the Stick and Lolli twice. Why? To try and break up and pack in the ruts that someone left behind from the other day. If we could all pay attention when we are out there especially after we have just groomed. If you are leaving imprints deeper than an inch, or you can’t make many of the climbs without spinning and walking, the groomed trails are likely too soft. There is lots else to ride that we don’t groom. These ruts where visible even under 5″ of fresh snow.

Thanks and see you tomorrow!


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