Beer Review: Sawdust City Golden Beach Pale Ale

December 29th, 2016 by in Beer Reviews

As the Winter Solstice passes by us, we reminisce about the summer that was and the summer that will be, and what better way to do that with beer.  We all have a drink of choice, some choose wine, some choose scotch, other choose beer, and I’m one of those others that choose beer, hence this being a beer review.  Don’t worry folks, for 2017 there will be other review, such as whiskey.  This past year seemed to fly by, as they all do, spending time with good friends on or off the trail, so cheers to everyone who reads this, as well as participates in team van go as a whole.  If it were not for everyone we would not be where we are.  Cheers!


Now to the piece de resistance, the review of a pretty good beer from Sawdust City, the Golden Beach Pale Ale.  For those who don’t know, Sawdust City is a microbrewery based out of Gravenhurst Ontario.  For those who want directions or location, you can see the map below.  Sawdust City is known for a lot of seasonal beers, and when you can find a can of their beer at the LCBO I recommend grabbing it as you will not be disappointed!

The Golden Beach Pale Ale, is pretty much as it states.  It is a golden Pale ale….

As you can tell by the photo below, when poured into a glass you have a hazy golden coloured beer, with a nice white frothy head.  The head of the beer sticks around for a while which is nice.


But as most of everyone knows you don’t drink a beer because of the appearance.  You drink it because of the taste.  Sawdust City rates this as one of their session ales.  Session Ales are sometimes defined as a Hop-inspired beer, with a lower alcohol percentage, typically between 3-4.6%.  This allows the consumer to inhale more, still enjoy the flavours and experience of drinking a beer.  Disclaimer! Please drink responsibly!

The Golden Beach falls into this category.  The alcohol percentage is at 4.5%, and the flavour experience is just as stated above.  There are the notes of citric hops, as well as an almost flower flavour. Some people describe the taste as dry, but I didn’t get that.  Best way to find out thought is to try it!



Overall, the Golden Beach Pale Ale was really good.  It was a full body beer, which is great all year round.  I’m not sure whether it will be available all year round, or anything like that, but if you can find it and buy it you should.


Rating::  4.37 out of 5

Would you recommend this to a friend:  For sure I would, and there is nothing stopping anyone from getting it!

Where does the term Solstice come from?  The word solstice is derived from Latin, meaning ‘sun stands still’ and was chosen because during a solstice the sun appears to remain still in its position in the sky.






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