Beer Review: Rivertown Brewing, Hop Bomber Pale Ale

February 18th, 2015 by in Beer Reviews

As most people are aware, this past weekend a few folks headed down to Cleveland Ohio to hit up Rays Bike Park. It was not all biking that is for sure.  There was some sleeping, some driving, and a little bit of drinking.  A little bit!


One of the beers that were consumed was from Rivertown Brewing Company, their Hop Bomber Pale Ale.  Rivertown Brewing Company is an Ohio based brewery that brews in small batches.  More of a micro-brewery for sure, but looking at the photos on their website they seem to be pretty established. 




Back to the beer!  With a picture of a Bomber plane, and a name like Hop Bomber you would think it is going to be a really good beer.  You would be fairly correct.  Think of it like Wiarton Willy, will he see his shadow or not…. not really relevant but anyways.




I was able to buy the beer in 6 pack increments, at the local grocery store in Cleveland, which was so convenient.  Why do we not do that here in Ontario!!!  I digress.  When I started to drink it, to be honest I was really expecting a hit of hops, just due to the name.  I was dissapointed that ways.  It was more subtle hop hint than a hit of hop flavour.  I had more of a hit of Malt / Rye then any hope like or Citrus flavours that you would typically see from a hoppy beer.  I’m not saying it was bad by any stretch, more that the name fooled me.  I would put this in line with an Alexander Keiths style of beer, with a little more flavour.


Quick Facts.

Alcohol Percentage:  5.5%

IBU Rating:  60

Calories:  155


Rating:  3.19 out of 5

Would you buy a case of this beer?  I would and did.  Would I buy another case, probably yes.

Was the beer hoppy?  Not hoppy at all, more malty than hoppy.

Would you recommend this beer to a friend?  I would, but a friend that did not like a really hoppy beer.

What percentage of the human body is water?  80%…. but after this past weekend, I would say 40% water 40% beer, 20% other stuff…



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