Beer Review: Nickle Brook Equilibrium ESB

November 15th, 2016 by in Beer Reviews

Well yet again, another new beer that has been tried, tested and ready for a review.  This edition of the Team Van Go Beer review will look at the Extra Special Bitter (ESB) from Nickle Brook Brewery.  Nickle Brook Brewery is based out of Burlington Ontario, which is also sharing space with Collective Arts brewery, which you may have remembered some of the reviews of their beers.  But this review is solely on the Equilibrium ESB.




Right on the can, it shows an IBU of 43 so that will give you a good starting point as to how hoppy the beer will be.  Pretty much take a Boneshaker from Amsterdam Brewing and cut it in half on the hop scale.


I did pour this beer into a glass like a civil human being, mainly because it was not after a ride, and I had access to a glass!  Fancy I know!  But I didn’t take a photo of the poured beer, so you will have to use your imagination, and the following description… ready… it had a copper coloured body to the beer, with a foamy almost beige head on it.  The head poured out nice, sitting with about 3/4″ of head in the glass.  Looking for carbonation bubbles, there was a few, but not overly carbonated like carbonated water or something like that, more like pouring a pint from a tap.


The next and probably most critical, would be the taste, and to be honest, for me and my taste buds it went very very well!  Overall it was smooth, served at around a 5-7 degree C temperature.  This is an assumption, but it was nice and cool for sure!  There was more of a malty taste rather than a hoppy taste, with a mild bitter hint throughout the drink.  There were slight spice/fruit hints, but nothing overpowering.  It was really well balanced throughout.  I’m trying to be more descriptive…


Overall, this has been one of the better beers tried over the last couple of months for sure.  Remember, that this review is very critical based on my taste buds, so I do recommend going out and trying this as well as other beers from Nickle Brook for sure.  This will be one of the beers I grab for sure if I can track it down at the local LCBO.


Rating;  4.49 out of 5

Was the beer hoppy:  Not hoppy no, a good balance of malt and hop

Would you recommend this to a friend:  For sure I would.  This would be a great one to let others try.

Would you buy a case of this beer:  Yup, but currently can only buy single cans through the LCBO, unless you can get down to the brewery itself.

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