Beer Review: New Belgium Brewery Fat Tire Ale

November 18th, 2013 by in Beer Reviews
Remote beer review on location in Sedona from Karen and Johnny.  
So what can be said….we’ve all had this beer, we all love this beer and we all want this beer.  It’s got a bike on the label, has beer in the bottle (which in case you’ve forgotten, is tasty) and is usually consumed in great bike riding and beer drinking locations with great friends. For those who haven’t had it, it is an amber ale, moderately hoppy and did I mention it’s tasty…
First impressions, well it was a long time ago when we first had this beer and the impression was such that there seems to be a annual pilgrimage to get it again. I don’t think that means we have a drinking problem but more like we just like good beer! 
Beer rating: 5 out of 5 (it may have something to do with the happy hour scenery)
Would we buy a case of it: bought one, drank it, gunna buy another
Was (is) the beer hoppy:  med hops
Would you recommend this beer to others: Yes. And hint, hint…If you like this beer you should definitely show up, rain,snow or shine to the next weekend ride!
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