Beer Review: Muskoka Brewery – Shinnicked Stout

December 21st, 2016 by in Beer Reviews, Everything

It has been way too long since there has been a beer review, or let alone an attempt at a beer review.  Well wait no longer, Muskoka Brewery, Shinnicked Stout is due to be drank and critiqued.



From the Muskoka Webste:

Shinnicked is that numbing, gasp-for-breath feeling when you plunge into a Muskoka lake for a chilly late-night dip. To warm you up afterward we created this rich, velvety stout infused with Muskoka Roastery’s Signature Lumberjack coffee.

IBU: 19
ABV: 5.2%


As you can tell from the photo shown above, this is one of the few that I seem to pour into a glass, really to be somewhat classy.  When poured, you can see that it has a nice dark hue, with about 1″ of head.  The head dissipates at a slow pace.

The good old sniff test produces a few noticeable hits of roasted malts (mocha), hence the coffee infused.  You also get a hint of vanilla, as well  as a cocoa note.  This gives the overall smell experience a nice full aroma.

When you finally decide to bring the beer to your mouth and take a swing of beer back you will be hit by a proverbial punch to the mouth of stout.  But the actual taste is more like a stout.  You would think with the coffee infused you would have more of that taste, but surprisingly it was not in the forefront, more of an undertone.  The roasted malts were much more prevalent in the taste rainbow.  The lighter carbonation provided a much smoother beer to drink.


Overall, this is a really good stout, if you are into that type of beer.  The Shinnicked Stout is only available over the winter, so this is one of the beers that when it is gone it is gone, until next year.


You can find it at the LCBO:


Rating:  4.19 out of 5

Was the beer hoppy:  No it was not, more malty than hoppy

Would you recommend this beer to a friend:  For sure, no question about it.  Delicious.

What is the official day for “Put your pillow on your fridge”?  May 29th.  Seriously, it is a real thing…


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