Beer Review: Granville Island Brewery: Swing Span Amber Ale

January 6th, 2015 by in Beer Reviews

“A man who lies about beer makes enemies”  Stephen King




This past weekend I was lucky enough to try a beer brewed by Creemore springs for Granville Island Brewery.  Granville Brewery has a series out right now called “Under the Bridge” series.  The “Under the Bridge” series is a celebration of Granville’s 30th Birthday.  Swing Span is the first of the 3 Beers for this series, but unfortunately for us Ontarian folks, it is not available for purchase here, yet.  But regardless, I do have a few bottles for folks to try.


Now to the nitty gritty, and the most important part of this whole thing, the beer!  The Swing Span is an Amber Ale, so if you have drank a Rickards Red, or Keith’s Red, colour is the same.  It has a deep Amber colour, hence the name I guess.  The alcohol rating on this beer is 5.6% so only 1 post ride of these guys for sure!


The key part and most enjoyable part of a beer is the label.  Oh wait, no the taste.  You would think, this being an amber ale, that it would not rank high on the IBU scale, or be hoppy etc, well it shocked me.  The first sip that I took reminded me very much like an IPA.  Also during the sip you do notice a citrius hue as well.  Overall the whole tasting experience is really really good.  The IBU rating on this beer is 50.  It has the same IBU as Hops and Robbers.


Rating:  4.58 out of 5

Was the beer hoppy:  Yes, you did have a good hit of hops

Would you buy a case of this beer:  If I could I would for sure.  When they do release it in Ontario, if they do I would buy a 6 pack for sure

Would you recommend this to a friend:  yes 100%


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