Beer Review: Barnstormer F400 Blonde Ale

December 22nd, 2015 by in Beer Reviews, Everything

Well, here we go again, as the riding season slows a bit, the beer drinking season ramps up slightly…. well more than slightly, but I digress.


A few weeks back while at Barnstormer Brewery, I tried one of their F400 Blonde Ales.  As you can see from the below photo, it is a Light Yellow and nearly clear blonde ale.




With an alcohol percentage of 4.5%, it is on the lighter side of their offering.  Which to be honest, is really nice once and a while.  On a side note, please do not drink and drive!  Not only due to the holidays, but anytime.


Now to the key points of this beer, the taste!

When you take a sip of the beer, you do notice it is on the lighter side.  Probably didn’t help drinking heavier beers prior, but still.  It has a great refreshing pallet to the beer.  You have a note of some citrus, but nothing overpowering.  There is no real hit of heavy hops, so if you are not a hops drinker, than this is a beer for you.


With Diner this beer was perfect 100%.



Pretty much the above picture gives you an idea of the colour and the head when poured into a glass.  If you are blind, and cannot see the photo…well then how are you reading this????


Rating:  4.13 out of 5

Would you recommend this to a friend?  Yes for sure, but only to a friend who enjoys a lighter beer.

would you buy a case of this beer?  You can buy bottles at the brewery, as for full cases, i’m not sure where you would buy them from…..

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