Beer Review: Amsterdam 3 Speed Lager

August 10th, 2016 by in Beer Reviews, Everything

It has been a short while since there has been a beer review, and what better time to talk about beer than on a Wednesday.


In today’s installment of team van go’s Beer Review, we look at another one of the Amsterdam Brewery’s lineup, the 3 Speed Lager.




The Amsterdam 3 Speed is on the lighter side of the scale, with an ABV of only 4.2%.  That being said, it does still have a bit of flavour accompanied with it.  I have personally had this beer before, and enjoyed the lightness of it, more of a refreshing summer beer.


As you can tell the beer was drank straight from the can, so no appearance other than the nice can with a picture of a bike on it… But if you did pour it, it would have a light golden colouring to it.


Tasting it, well it is a lager, and thus has a lot of the lager flavours accompanied with it.  There was no real hit of hops at all, so for folks not wanting the stronger hop flavour this is a beer right up your alley!  One note on this beer though, it was very crisp.  There was no hops hit at the end, just a hit of beer then really nothing, no bitterness or anything along those lines.


The overall experience with the 3-Speed was good.  It is a good all around beer to drink.  Not too strong, and at the lower alcohol it fits in for a good pint or two on the patio or after a ride.


Rating:  3.13 out of 5


Was the beer hoppy?  Nope, no real hops at all

Would you buy the beer again?  Yup I would, would I switch soley to this beer, no, but a good treat once and a while for sure.

Would you recommend it to a friend? I would, but a friend that is not all about hoppy beers.






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