Barnstormer Brewing – Parachute Porter

December 7th, 2015 by in Beer Reviews

“I’m in a glass case of emotions” Ron Burgandy (Anchorman)


Yup, that quote sums it up nicely, a glass case encompasses a pint, and emotions represent beer….. Well okay that is a stretch for sure, but nonetheless.  Haven’t done a beer review in quite a while, and low and behold, have still been drinking beer.  So on this installment of the team van go beer review, we are going to take a look at a local Barrie breweries Parachute Porter, brewed by Barnstormer Brewery.


Barnstormer Brewing is a micropub, with some good food and good beer on tap.  One thing you will notice, they have a very aviation themed atmosphere going on.  Hence the name Parachute Porter, and other beers like, Flight Delay, and Billy Bishop.  They are located at 384 young St. Barrie, so not too far away for most.


As for the Beer, as you can tell by the below picture, it is a dark Porter, as the porter name would suggest.




You can read the writing on the next photo, as a brief description of what the beer is to resemble.



As for my take on it, when I did end up taking a good sip, I had a hit of a roasted chocolate/coffee flavoring.  Not too strong, but a nice rich taste.  If you do not like Porters, then I would say no go for this beer, but if you do, you will thoroughly enjoy the taste for sure. As you can see by the pint photo, there isn’t a lot of head on  the beer, and colouring is a dark tan.  Really, that is the jist of the beer, a nice porter, with good flavour….. sorry if you were looking for more.


Rating:  3.93 out of 5

Would you recommend this to a friend?  Yes for sure, but only to a friend who enjoys porter….

would you buy a case of this beer?  You can buy bottles at the brewery, i’m not sure where you can buy full cases?????

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