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Weds Update

February 21st, 2018 by in Everything

Very quick update from the woods. Shawna just went for a short walk (I think it could of been a skate!) and reported back that there is mostly ice out there. She didn’t go in very far but both double and single track are very slick.

Please be Advised…

February 19th, 2018 by in Everything

On both Sunday and Monday vehicles parked at Dufferin Forest were broken into and had items stolen. This happened during the day while the owners were enjoying the trails.

Please be careful and do not leave any valuables in your vehicle. The Police have been contacted on both accounts and are aware of the situation. If you see anything suspicious please contact the OPP.

Monday AM ride

February 18th, 2018 by in Everything

Hey all, Shawna and Eric are heading out tomorrow at 9 am.  trails are still good…a few icy spots but overall hard packed snow! Ride while you can.

Wednesday Night Ride

February 14th, 2018 by in Everything

A quick update…Eric and Shawna got out last night…rode the Stick and snowshoed the lollypop. Report was a bit tough riding on the stick and fresh tracks for them on the LP.

So for tonight it would be great to bring along snowshoes and a back pack.  I can see us doing a ride\snowshoe and groom. It would be a great night to get it all set in as after the warming and cooling ahead they should end up in great shape once they firm up.

Please don’t ride them if they are soft.

Friday Hike

February 14th, 2018 by in Everything

Sunday Trail Update

February 11th, 2018 by in Everything

So 6 of us got out for a snowshoe grooming session today. Ed, Kathy, Vince & Eddy snowshoed the Stick to the red arrow tree and back. Karen and I snowshoed with the groomer 3/4 of the way and back on the Ridge Connector Trails.

So where does that put us? Well hopefully the trails firm up over the next day or so. The stick should be rideable first. So a plan could be to ride to the red arrow tree, snowshoe the lollypop (there is still a groomer at the Ridge-Lollypop intersection) with the groomer and ride back with it to finish grooming the Stick. Or just even groom the Stick and back with the groomer that is at the start of the trails. If the Ridge Connector is firm enough (please refrain from it if it’s soft as only two of us packed it down) we could ride to where we ended, snowshoe the rest and the Ridge Trail then hook up the groomer at the Ridge-lolly intersection and return back. Lots of options so just do what you like! Some nice milder weather coming up which should help firm up the trails once they are groomed. As always if you are leaving a rut behind please don’t ride as the trails are going to soften and freeze again this week. Looking ahead in the forecast it looks like we may get a break from heavy snowfalls so we can enjoy our efforts. Have fun!

Sunday in Dufferin

February 11th, 2018 by in Everything

We are planning an “outing” at 1pm this afternoon. Lots of new snow…seems Mother Nature is enjoying herself in challenging our determination to keep trails groomed!

I was out yesterday and the trails were ridable in the morning and got more difficult as the snow continued to accumulate. Steve has reported in that one groomer is at the Ridge-lollypop intersection.  So a plan for today could be to split up…One group snowshoe and groom from parking lot an another attempt the ride out to the lollypop groomer and snowshoe and groom from there, then ride back.  It will all depend on who comes out and how conditions are. So bring yourself, your snowshoes and your bike if you feel like a challenge (and a back pack for your snowshoes).

No matter what you choose, it is absolutely beautiful out there with the fresh snow! Come out and enjoy the day.

Trail Update

February 9th, 2018 by in Everything

Short and sweet…trails are, to quote Chris W., wicked. Go out and ride!


Weds ride update

February 7th, 2018 by in Everything

Ride is still happening, I’d just toss in some snowshoes if you have them just in case. There has been some grooming since the weekend but we have and are getting a bit of accumulation today. See you tonight!

Trail Update

February 5th, 2018 by in Everything

Well over 14 folks got out yesterday snowshoeing and grooming the fresh snow. It was a beautiful day for a snowshoe. It was a real collective of users of the trail and the large number accomplished a lot. Basically our “normal” 15 km Fat Bike single track loop has all been snowshoed and regroomed with the TVGGroomers. The groomers are back at the start of the trail. The “mule mention” goes out to Eric and from description, Wayne and Steve and his wife all put in some serious km’s pulling the groomer. This was a great effort with everyone out there putting in between 7-12 km’s of work each. Thanks to everyone, from everyone.

Karen got out for a run this morning and reported in that the base firmed up extremely well overnight and the conditions are now a few cm’s of powder snow on top of hard packed trails. All good to go!

A final note to remind everyone to be cautious when crossing fire roads as they are used by cross country skiers and in the few short bits that we need to connect to trails, if they are groomed for skiing, do not ride in the track set.  Ride to the far side of the double track.