Albion Fat Bike Race

January 14th, 2016 by in Everything

Hi All,


If you did not register in time yesterday, there is still hope to get in on the fun!


An email from Sean at Superfly Racing:

“We have hit 170 participants, just shy of our goal and capacity of 200-220 riders, so we are opening up spots for day-of registration.  Prices will be $40 for the 10km Poker Run, and $50 for the 20km Race. CASH only, and if you do know anyone, have them email so we know they are coming”

If you are interested, the email is


Also, The 10 km Poker Run will have 6 check-in stations, where riders will grab a card.  Some stations will have bonfires, if you want to stop and hang out a while!  Cards will be handed in at the finish, where our volunteers will tabulate scores based on numbers on the cards (hands get complicated, we’re no gamblers), and the highest score gets a NORCO FAT BIKE!!  Also, the LOWEST score will get a nice prize, aswell as the second and third highest numbers.  The other NORCO fat bike, an RSD frame, and lots of other goodies are also up for grabs in the overall draw!


Hopefully we will see some folks out for the fun!







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