24hr Summer Solstice – Team Van Go Podiums

June 25th, 2015 by in Everything

Well another 24hr summer solstice is in the books.  The weather was perfect for the teams that competed in it.


Tyler did Solo (Plate number 32)

Team Van Go – Don, Chris, Joe, Joe and Craig  (Plate number 135)

Team Bike Right (10 person Corporate) – Keith, Craig, Derek, Penny, and Jennifer (Plate number 223)


I’ll start with the podium.  Team Van Go (5 person team) ended up 3rd, in the 250 plus category.  Which is an awesome accomplishment for the guys as it was their first go at a 24hr race!!!!  Congrats to all of them for a great day, no injuries, or mechanicals that I heard about.


Also have to give a cudos to Keith and Craig for their first go at a 24hr race.  Both kept their laps times consistent which is the name of the game in a 24hr race.


Unfortunately for myself,  as I was solo I didn’t get to hear of all the fun and stories that everyone else was having.  I was focused on the task at hand, which was to finish the race on Sunday as close to the end as possible.  Having Mark and Emily as the folks who were going to keep me in line, we had our plan in place, and it was executed perfectly, with some minor adjustments.


Over the course of the first several hours, the body was feeling pretty good, pretty strong, until about the 4hour mark.  During the heat the fluid intake just wasn’t enough and the legs started to cramp, on the inner thigh area.  So over the course of the next 3-4 hours it was a battle to intake more liquids and stop the cramping.  When the sun started to set, the legs stopped cramping and it was good to go again.


During the night there were a few volunteers around to do a lap with me just as someone to talk to and act as a buffer for the riders coming up behind.  By this point the lap times had dropped to 1.5hrs, so the speed was down for sure.  The first stint was done with Johnny, we did our 2 laps in the dead of the night.  Next out was Taylor, again for a 2 lap stint.  We did ours from around 2am to 6am.  It was great to start to see the sun come up, which was perfect timing as the lights died just as there was enough light to see again.




The final lap with some folks was in the morning with Karen and Johnny.  We had a great lap, and it left me with 1 to go.  It was such a nice feeling to get to the point where you knew all you had left was 18km.


During the night the plan was to do the lap and then have a 15-30min break, to refresh take a seat and just chill.


The last lap the plan was to do it, and stop at the big groups site before finishing it.  When I arrived, I was greated with a beer and sat down for about 30min.  I got back on the bike and finished the lap, crossing the line at 11:30ish.


I’m not going to lie, there are a lot of gaps through the race where I don’t remember anything, and exhaustion was definitely in full force.   But to have fresh faces at the camp site almost every lap made life that much easier.  There were other solo riders who had nothing, no support, noone filling bottles etc, and they looked miserable.  So to everyone who showed up through the day, thank you very very much.  I apologize if I didn’t say anything, or seemed out of it…. I was really out of it at times for sure.




At the end of the day, in Open men, I finished 6th, out of 20 riders, which was well above my goal of mid pack.  The other goal was 200km.  The final tally was 244km.   At this point, when people ask, will you do it again, I say no, but ask me in another week, and the answer may change.  Maybe try and better the time, or better the amount of laps… who knows.





Photos from APEX photography: (the number plates from above, type them into the Keyword search to pull up the team’s photos)



A couple of the GPS Segments from the race.


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