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Sunday Ride 2pm

July 20th, 2019 by in Everything

Sunday Dufferin forest ride 2pm. Looks like a bit more rain between now and then and the temps should drop as well!


Monday Night Ride

July 15th, 2019 by in Everything

Hi All,


Note for tonights ride… Start time is 5pm not 6pm.  Extra hour means extra riding!! Choo Choo.





Upcoming Ride Guide

July 15th, 2019 by in Everything

Good afternoon All,


Rides for the week are up on the calendar.



Sat Ride- 3 Stages again! 1pm start

July 12th, 2019 by in Everything

It’s still really dry out there so we thought we’d take advantage of that and head back up to 3 Stages. 1pm start, adventure ride, swim, patio!

We are going to park somewhere a bit different, just down the road a bit and then drive back for a swim. This link should get you there:


We are going to try and discover a new route up and down from the bottom.

See you!

MC intro ride

July 10th, 2019 by in Everything

We all got to test out the new MC trail. Still a bit soft and dusty but it’s raining as I’m typing this so that is awesome…to have 10 plus bikers over it tonight then rain on top. Perfect! It should start to set in and hopefully we will get a good amount of rain over the next day. Here’s some pics….

Before (last Thursday)……………After (this Weds)



The “Max Connection” (MC) Trail, a.k.a the AWOL trail.

July 9th, 2019 by in Everything

We have now completed another trail build. This trail will now replace a section of the “hill bypass trail” that takes you to the start of the Max Trail. As you start the HBPT keep an eye to your left and you will see a new trail entrance as you start down the double track. It’s all single track now to the beginning of the Max Trail. It can also be used on the way out to avoid the last long gradual double track out…now it’s gradual uphill single track! If you are doing the Hill Trail now once you finish at the double track head left up the gradual 2 track climb and hook right into the MC trail to the Max trail. More single track=more fun.

A much smaller group on this build. Thanks to Shawna, Andy, Chris W and Chris S for their help. A special thanks goes to Fred and the crew of staff and students from the Pine River Institute (AWOL was their idea) that came out today to help. We never would of finished this up today without your help. You all did an amazing job and you should be proud of your hard work today. It will be amazing for you to know that endless people will now enjoy what you helped to create for many years. Thank you. You’re awesome! Now you get to ride it!

The trail is just completed so it will still be a bit soft but it will set in quickly with riding and some rain. The MC trail was designed as an “easy-intermediate trail”…no roots, open flowy corners, go-arounds for every log over and gradual short climbs. It will be a great trail for beginners and young ones that need a shorter ride. It is 1.2km’s long and can be ridden both ways.

We continue to add to the trail network in DCF and we have more builds approved by Dufferin County Council still to do. This can only happen due to the generosity of folks that enjoy the trails and through the donations we receive to keep us insured, fuelled up and the purchase and maintenance of equipment that allows us to create trails. Thank you for your continued support of what we do.

Here’s the MC trail last Thursday…only 6 days ago!

Enjoy! J 🙂

New Belgium Brewery – Fat Tire Amber Ale

July 8th, 2019 by in Beer Reviews, Everything

Well well well, it has been quite some time since I’ve done a beer review and the weather appears to be getting nicer and nicer, why not do a full on reboot.  Why not right.  I will do the disclaimer, the reviews are 100% bias to my tastes, and preferences… Also, remember to drink responsibly and in locations where you are able to enjoy the nice smooth, cold, tasty, delicious, refreshing, delicious, drink.


With all that fun out of the way, if you have read a beer review done a while back about Fat Tire Ale, you would know that it is my all time favorite beer, by far, no comparison.  If you have not read the review before, shame… so much shame… but to refresh, you can click right here…


Beer Review: New Belgium Brewery Fat Tire Ale



Or you can Click here.


Beer Review: New Belgium Brewing Fat Tire Ale


Or you can read about the brewery itself here….


Brewery Review-New Belgium Brewery


Now, to say there is any bias… well you may be right.  It is delicious beer..


But you can now purchase it in Ontario!!! (Insert Happy music and dancing here).  Steamwhistle Brewery is currently brewing Fat Tire for sale in Ontario.  Now I know this isn’t new news, but still.  Over the last week, I have enjoyed my fair share of Fat Tire, and really wanted to give it some time before I wrote whether it tasted the same, or not or if there were any noticeable differences.

I am quite happy to say, there is nothing different that I could tell.  It had the same smoothness, the same happiness, and really just brought back memories of trips to Arizona.  When you drink a drink that brings back memories, then it is doing its job.

The nice thing about Fat Tire to purchase at the LCBO or Beer Store is that you can get it in both bottles or tall boys.


Rating:  5 out of 5


If you read any of the above the rating doesn’t change from 5 out of glorious 5.


Get out and enjoy the ride.





Upcoming Ride Guide

July 8th, 2019 by in Everything

Good afternoon All,


Wednesday night ride has been posted to the Calendar.



Saturday Ride

July 5th, 2019 by in Everything

Biking, river dipping, beverages and out-on-the-town…that’s this Saturdays ride theme…Three Stages!

1pm start and we are going to be parking at the bottom by the river. Then up, around and down. Quick swim and off to Collingwood for happy hour.


Hope to see you there.


Thursday afternoon Trail Build

July 3rd, 2019 by in Everything

If anyone is interested a few folks are heading out tomorrow between 1-2pm for the afternoon to start a new trail build. It will continue from just past the “pig” and link into Max’s Trail bypassing the current “hill bypass” double track which will then become the hill trail extension. Likely a 1km build. I’ve flagged it all out and Andy did a double check for me and did a quick leaf blow. It’s just getting started so some trail adjustments, leaf blowing, clipping and downed tree removal followed by “Gerty 1″ and Gerty 2”. If you wish to come out for any length of time please let me know ahead of time so there are tools for everyone. There will be a job for anyone that wishes to help. This is just a causal build nothing like the Ralph’s trail Mega build! (which was awesome!!). If you come out and are a member of the Friends of Dufferin Forest (FDCF) bring your card along and if you are not yet a “friend” then you will be required to sign a FDCF form which will be supplied to you. Happy trail building! Please let me know you are coming and I can confirm the time tomorrow for you. You can join and leave anytime you like.

J 🙂

Happy Canada Day D.C.F!

July 1st, 2019 by in Everything

Happy Canada Day to everyone courtesy of Shawna and Eric! (and the TVG post pounders!).

Equestrian Event Correction…July 5th-7th

June 29th, 2019 by in Everything

The OTRA event is July 5th-7th next weekend.

Sunday Ride

June 28th, 2019 by in Everything

11am Start, fun day in the Forest followed by a dip in Andy’s pool! How much fun is that on a holiday long weekend?! Please bring some lunch or you can stop off at the Rosemont General store en route to to pool and pick something up.

Thanks Andy! You’re awesome!!!!

Equestrian Event

June 28th, 2019 by in Everything

Hi everyone, please be aware that there is an equestrian event happening this weekend in the Main Tract. OTRA will be there June 28th-July 1st and will be conducting various rides throughout the weekend.

Please exercise caution while out there this weekend. Pay extra attention when crossing the equestrian trails as not to surprise an equestrian and their horse. If you come upon someone, please stop and speak up so the horse will become aware that you are present. If you ride with a bell, a quick ring as you are approaching the crossings would also be a good idea to alert riders. If you don’t have a bell, not a bad idea to get one!

As always be courteous and friendly.

Between everyone cooperating and paying attention I’m sure everyone will have an uneventful enjoyable weekend. It’s all about mutual understanding and respect for each other.

Enjoy your time in the Forest.

Upcoming Ride Guide

June 25th, 2019 by in Everything

Hi All,


Wednesday Night Ride is up.  Should be an awesome night, temps are looking perfect!