Feb 26th update….new trail signage

February 26th, 2021 by in Everything
Well the trails survived the last few days….almost. Thanks so much to everyone who rode early. I think we can all agree that was so much fun!
Dufferin County has now issued signage to attempt to address the irresponsible “rut riders”. The 1/2 depression restriction is now posted by the County as well as these signs are being used to promote the “trail closed” recommendation to riders on warmer days (anything above 1 degree). Again, understand that these are County issued signs intended to support our efforts.
So it is up to all responsible riders to decide based on their experience to open or close a trail. Your “experience” is that you can have proper judgement on your 1/2 depression. If you can confidently ride within the restriction then feel free to move the trail sign off. If you are there and believe it’s too soft, put it up. It’s up to all of the responsible, caring community to monitor and preserve the trail conditions and we can all trust each other.
We will work hard to keep trail conditions updated on the TVG website.
As of right now, based on the hourly weather report, the trails are likely going to be really soft and closed all weekend based on the 1/2 depression guideline. Please respect this and we will have awesome trails next week.


Trail update Feb 25th

February 25th, 2021 by in Everything
I had a chance to check out the trails today. All in pretty good shape. Surprisingly still some ruts showing through in places even after multiple groomer passes.
I finished my ride and it was -2 degrees. The trails were already starting to soften up with the sun on them. The ridge trail was already going to mush. The AT trails seemed to stand up better.
So trails are still too soft for skinnies or plus bikes so please fat bikes only.
Tomorrow morning (Friday) looks good but based on the hourly temps the weekend is going to likely be a no go. It’s cold at night but by 9-10am it’s already going to be plus 2 degrees. If we get through this weekend without trashing the trails then next week may be better. Look behind you..1/2 depression/rut=stop riding. Don’t rut trails…don’t be a nimby!

Feb 24th update

February 24th, 2021 by in Everything
I just got back from the trails (for a hike on AT trails) and so far so good. I started at -1 and finished at +1 and trails were already starting to soften up. The FB trails are blocked off at the moment. I think an idea is to let all the responsible users decide on the open/closed based on their judgment. If you get there and they are “closed” (like tomorrow morning) but conditions are actually good (zero rutting) then open them up. If you feel it’s too soft the close them up. There are way more responsible riders than not and it is actually up to all of us to help protect the trails.
Another helpful tool. Here is a link to Mansfield’s weather report. Check the hourly temps and if you cannot be off before it hits plus 1 then don’t bother starting. Plus 7 on Sunday so I really hope people get it and do something else once its above 1 degree. First one is hourly, second is 7 day forecast.
Mansfield, Ontario Hourly Weather Forecast - The Weather Network

Trail Update Feb 23rd

February 23rd, 2021 by in Everything

Hi everyone, Trail update time!
Well after the weekend the trails were absolutely trashed. Single track rutted out, hills all walked…and Fat Bikers were guilty as well. Ugh. Then snowmobiles AND equestrians on the AT trails! Ugh x 2!!
So out goes the groomer crew again. Sunday night on both AT trails, Monday-double laps of At trails and one pass on Single Track (after an emergency groomer repair mid-groom). Tues-AT trails and Single Track again. And maybe again on Thursday.
The issue is that everyday is going above zero for almost the next two weeks. One irresponsible rider and three days of grooming is finished. Responsible riding will result in awesome fast groomed trails for weeks to come. Good news is every night is below zero. So morning riding is really important before it gets above zero and the trails soften up.
Plus and skinnies? It still really is not recommend it as we are still trying to pack in a foot of snow and more fresh stuff coming.
So please pick your times well and we’ll all get some great riding in and the groomer crew can ride vs groom!

Trail update Feb 20

February 20th, 2021 by in Everything

DCF…trails are messed up. Still soft and a quite a bit rutted after today. Our advice…wait until next week. Trails will likely be awesome next weekend.

Live “Doug update” 9:45

February 20th, 2021 by in Everything
Live update: entrance is open.
Single track is still a bit soft, people are already walking the hills. AT1 is pretty good (Fat Bike only) and part of AT2 has been run over by snowmobiles. So limited good riding. Next week should be awesome…
Snowshoeing the AT trails or off trail would be ok. I think the single track is best to be left to the groomer next week.

Sat AM morning alert

February 20th, 2021 by in Everything
There is a logging truck stuck in the entrance to the Main Tract completely blocking the entrance. Three vehicles are in there and can’t leave. Please hold off on heading out as it’s going to be a mess. They are really stuck and there is no where to park. I’ll keep the live update going. No trail report yet.

Trail Update Feb 19th.

February 19th, 2021 by in Everything
Another day of grooming all the single track and both AT trails. We got more snow last night (again) so that means we are trying to pack in 8-10 inches of fresh non-packing powder snow. Conditions tomorrow?? I actually don’t know how it’s going to work out but it will be on the softer side for sure (so please no plus or skinnies). AT trails will be the best bet if single track doesn’t work out. Warmer temps coming up which will help but also means ruts put in there this weekend will likely harden into the trail as well. So please if your’re going out keep next week in mind. If everyone plays nicely and we have something to work with the trails will be awesome next week. Come out but be prepared to turn around. I also plan on a morning update based on a “live morning report” Sat morning.

Mulmur Township Community Grant Program

February 18th, 2021 by in Everything

Some great news everyone! Last month I submitted an application on behalf of TVG to Mulmur Township’s Community Grant Program. The application was for funds to assist with the trailer rental costs (as we do not own one) we incurred this year as we were required to trailer the groomer to the Main Tract each time we groom.

Mulmur Council approved our application and have granted us $500 to put towards the trailer rental.

On behalf of TVG and all the other users of the trails for hiking, snowshoeing and XC skiing, I wish to thank Mulmur Township for their support and Councillors for their approval of our application. It’s wonderful to have the support from our local township.


Feb 18 grooming update

February 18th, 2021 by in Everything

Grooming done for today. Everything redone. Lots of reports that the trails are still soft. We are heading back out tomorrow morning at 10am to pack in the snow we are getting now and tonight. If you want to try to ride please do so before 10 so we can groom over it. If we stay off tomorrow afternoon the weekend should be good…hopefully!

Trail Update Feb 18.

February 18th, 2021 by in Everything
I was out last night after the groomer crew for a snowshoe. First of all I want to thank the Fat Biker that headed out, got maybe 100m then turned back based on conditions. That’s so awesome and such a great example of consideration. Cheers to you!
The groomer crew is heading out again today and then again tomorrow as we got way more snow (and more tonight) than I thought and it’s still really soft and needs some more groomer passes.
Re the plus bike thing. Please don’t think that I don’t believe there are times when a plus bike can pull off a ride.  We are trying to pack in at least a foot of snow from the past week. We have seen that for plus bikes we need that “above freezing-groom-below freezing” cycle which we have not gotten for a while. That is expected next week so who knows. There are some awesome plus bikers that actually check in with us before they try and many others that we know that show real discipline in not heading out even though they are itching for a ride. A lot of the time they stick to the AT trails as the hills are not as steep and they do not need to get off and walk (again, that’s a sign to stop riding for everyone).
We are going to have over 12 hours on the groomer in three days and multiple tanks of fuel. The groomer is feeling the work load and is requiring it’s second round (this year) of maintenance today before it can head out again.
Here’s a pic from last night showing how much snow we are trying to pack in….yikes!!!

Trail Update Feb 17th

February 17th, 2021 by in Everything
At least 4-6″ of fresh powder snow on the trails. And the trails got pretty beat up on the weekend. And more snow coming.
We are out grooming at the moment and more snow Thursday. We need to clarify something…just because we have just groomed that does not mean it’s good for skinnies or plus bikes…or Fat Bikes too soon (or with too high of tire pressure 3-6psi max). It’s the worst time to ride a skinny or plus bike. The trails will be way too soft and need to set in. At this point, with the amount of snow we have it will be unlikely that it will be recommended that skinnies or plus bikes even try. If you head out and cannot climb the first few hills you come to, please turn around. The ride will not get better and you are not helping the groomer crew out. Also realize that if you are leaving more than a 1/2 groove then you are riding then you are breaking the County By-law. When the trails are good we can climb every hill out there. As soon as you are walking you are not helping. We continue to see damage being done by non-Fat Bikes and Fat Bikes as well at times. Over 4 hours to groom each time. Most groomed trail areas mandate 3.8″ tires or wider. We hope to leave it to common sense and responsible users.
Anyway. I’ll report on conditions on Friday regarding weekend riding.

Trail Update Feb 5

February 5th, 2021 by in Everything

More snow???!!!!

We spend 4 hours grooming AT 1&2 plus single track Thursday aft and night, packing in the trails, getting rid of skinny ruts (almost). Then it snowed another 3-4 inches!!! What!!  So we groomed again this aft/evening (yup, grooming into the dark!)and redid everything. 8 hours of grooming in two days.

Cold tonight so it should be not bad tomorrow.

Please no skinnies and plus is going to be pushing your luck with the 4 inches of new snow (again).

Skinnies rutting up trails….this has been a real problem this year. If you see someone on any size tire rutting up the trails please politely say something. If nothing else let them know that the Dufferin County Bylaw states that if you are leaving more than a 1/2 depression in the trail you must stop riding. This goes for all users, any size tire, even Fat Bikes. It does not specify time of year or trail surface…it’s for all the time. It’s a County Bylaw, not anyone’s thoughts or opinion but a Bylaw.  21.a in the attached Bylaw.


Protect the trails were ever you are. We all need to do this.

Have fun out there!

Trail/Grooming Update

February 4th, 2021 by in Everything

Wow, what a nice day! Temps are going to be way above zero today so it should go without saying that this afternoon is not a good time for a ride. Still above zero Friday AM, then dropping.

Our plan is to groom late this aft while the snow is still soft. We are hoping we may be able to eliminate the rut that is forming in the centre of the trail and all the foot prints and pack it all in. Then below zero…awesome rut free Fat Bike trails (hopefully).

So if you can avoid riding this aft and tomorrow morning that would be awesome.  The weekend should be great and lots of really cold temps lined up.

No skinny bikes please as this is all going to be fresh grooming (again) basically to get rid of a skinny caused rut.

See everyone on the weekend!


Trail Update Jan31st

January 31st, 2021 by in Everything

Well lots of new snow means lots of grooming. The whole grooming team has been out over the last week trying to keep up with the fresh snow. I think we have in over 20 hours spent on the groomer in the past week. Trails got pretty beat up this weekend. Even with repeated grooming they never had a chance to set up as it was really busy out there and it’s gotten pretty torn up. We are heading out tomorrow to re-groom what we can to try and clean it up a bit.

We’ve been getting some donations to help us keep the groomer maintained and fuelled up so thank you so much to everyone that has helped out with that. You have all been very kind. We don’t receive any funding at all besides the donations to keep things going.

I think trails should finally set up a bit this week and watch temps as we have a few plus days at the end of the week. As always, avoid the trails when they are soft. We have just finally groomed out the ruts that rider put in over a month ago when they rode when it was too soft.

Have fun out there….