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Fat Bike Skis

January 22nd, 2018 by in Everything, Links

Video found by Bernie.

Crank the Shield – Registration is Open

January 22nd, 2018 by in Everything

Good morning All,


A busy posting morning…

Registration is open for Crank the Shield.

Check the below link for registration details.  Early bird cost is 700$.

Register Here


Over the next month or so, see who all is planning on making the trek up.





Cannondale Fat Bike Series pb 45NRTH – Devils Glen

January 22nd, 2018 by in Links


2018 Fat-Bike 3: Devil’s Glen February 11



In a few weeks will be Round 3 of Substance Projects Fat Bike Series, taking place at Devils Glen.

Click the above to be re-directed to Substance Projects website.

If you have not done one of Dan’s races, then I recommend this one for sure.  It is a great atmosphere, with many familiar faces.


If you believe me outright, awesome, click the below link to be directed to the registration page!!

Register Here


Don’t know where Devils Glen is… well take a look at the below map.

Don’t know what a fat bike is…


By all means I don’t think Dan will mind if you dress up in a costume either!!!








Upcoming Ride Guide

January 22nd, 2018 by in Everything

Good morning All,


Rides for the week are up on the calendar.

Please be mindful of the trail conditions, if they are soft please don’t ride them.





Sat Ride Clarification 9:30

January 20th, 2018 by in Everything

Hey all. To clarify todays ride starts at 9:30. 

I had conflicting info on the posting, sorry about that. See you there.

Sat Ride, Trail Condition Report

January 19th, 2018 by in Everything

Sat Ride is posted on the Events calendar.

As of weds night all 14km of single track was in amazing shape. Hard packed base with a bit of new snow-perfect. 18km ride. Fresh grooming on the ridge connector section and ridge.

The next few days should be touch and go based on the weather…hopefully everyone will ride accordingly based on the conditions. It will likely get soft so hopefully folks refrain from riding and rutting the trails.

Beer Review: Black Creek Historic Brewery – Canada 150 Best Bitter Ale

January 17th, 2018 by in Beer Reviews, Everything

If you follow the team van go Instagram account, which I know each and every one of you do, you would know that there again is many more beer reviews to come.  If you do not follow the Instagram account, on the right hand side of the computer screen you will see an icon that looks like this.

Just click on it and Request to follow team van go instagram, for many many great things that are going on and random photos etc.  I think that is pretty good for the Instagram plug.



But the real reason you are still reading this is to listen to my experiences drinking a can of Black Creek Historic Brewery’s Canada 150 Best Bitter Ale.  Would it be Brewery’s or Breweries… Regardless, to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, Black Creek released this ale.  If you click on the below website, you can read all about the brewery, the beers they offer, and just some good ole fashion reading.




Speaking of good ole fashion… That was a terrible segway… check out the below video Black Creek made with the beer making process.



Now that you have some history, on the historic brewery, we should discuss one of the beers that they actually manufacture.  The Canada 150 Best Bitter Ale.  The best part of today’s technology, is that we can take photos for visual reference, which is what you will see below.

While use said photo, we can discuss the appearance.  See if I had a laser pointer, I would be able to point to the beer as I discussed it.  But you will have to use your imagination for that one, sorry.  Once poured, you can see that there is a copper / deep amber appearance.  Unfortunately I was delayed on the photo, but there was a off white colour head, lasting a few minutes.


The smell test provide weak notes of malts, caramel and hops, nothing really over powering.  Like when you smell a very hoppy beer, you get the onslaught of hops, but with this Ale everything is very subtle.  See I was looking for the word Subtle before, but decided to go with weak, now instead of just going back and changing it, I’ve made you read my train of thoughts, you are welcome.


The most important aspect of a beer really is the taste.  If you read the last beer review you would get this next statement, the beer had a medium body again for sure.  The mouthful had a mild carbonation to it, with the tastes that I noticed being like roasted malts.  There was also a mild hoppy tone to it as well, nothing over powering, just a nice hoppy background.  I also noticed a slight caramel sweetness to it to round the whole experience off.


Overall, I was quite impressed with the Canada 150 Best Bitter Ale.  I have not had a lot of Bitter Ales in my time, but this one was just a nice mild start to finish beer.  It didn’t kick you in the mouth with overpower flavour, more just a all around enjoyable beer.  If you are not into the heavy flavoured beers, you should definitely try this one out for sure.


Overall:  4.11 out of 5

Was the beery hoppy:  Not hoppy at all, just a mild start to finish.

Would you recommend this to a friend:  Depending on who it is, if it is someone that is big into the IPA’s probably not, but someone that wants a nice all around beer then for sure.

Would you buy a case of it:  I would probably get a 6 pack for sure.  Only found singles at the LCBO.

What year was the Toonie released:  1996!  I know right, the toonie has been around for 12 years!!!!!






Substance Projects – Upcoming XC Marathon Series Schedule

January 15th, 2018 by in Links

Good morning all,


Dan from Substance projects has released the preliminary schedule for the XC Marathon series.   Below is a snapshot.


Homage to Ice:  April 14th, 2018

Long Socks Classic:  May 19th, 2018

Kingston Trophy:  September 1st, 2018

Northumberland Humbler:  September 29th, 2018


Check out their facebook and website for more details.


XC Marathon




Upcoming Ride Guide

January 15th, 2018 by in Everything

Good morning All,


Rides for the week have been posted to the calendar.




Sat trail update & Sunday ride

January 13th, 2018 by in Everything

Max and I got out for a hike today to check out the trails. Everything we hiked was in excellent shape. Nicely hard packed with a dusting of fresh snow. A couple patches of ice but nothing really serious, just pay attention in some of the corners. I met a few folks that had done the Stick and back and said it was all good to go. After Wednesday nights grooming session I imagine the SSITT, Hill bypass, Max, Ridge connector, Lolly pop and Stick will be in great shape. The Ridge trail is the only unknown. Still lots of great single track to ride on.

For all the runners out there, the trail is in awesome shape for a trail run as well! Hard enough that you will not damage the trail at all.

Sunday Ride is posted on the Events page and it looks like a beautiful day ahead. -7 degrees and sunny! Perfect day to get out into the woods. Enjoy your ride or hike!

Weds Trail Report

January 12th, 2018 by in Everything

Smaller turn out Weds night. I had time to do a test run on the trails and was surprised to find them in great riding shape. So based on that Monica, Ryan, Taylor and myself set out on the bikes. We had a great ride! Stick was great then we picked up groomer #1 at the Red arrow tree and pull that along.  Picked up groomer #2 at the the Ridge intersection and double groomed the lollypop. Things were awesome so we doubled back on the lollypop and headed over to the Ridge Connector Trail.

Meanwhile, team van snowshoe (Brian, Shawna & Eric) set out from the parking lot on snowshoes with the ambition of making it to the Ridge and snowshoe groom the Ridge Connector.

When we connected to the Ridge connector trail they had made it that far and further. So we headed towards the ridge and pulled both groomers along and found the TVSer’s there. They then headed back the quick way and we headed backwards on the Ridge Connector in reverse pulling both groomers along back to the Stick turnoff.  Overall a great night in the woods and 85% of the trails got groomed. Just the Ridge trail left.

With warm temps and rain if everyone stays off the trails until they refreeze the trails should be in great shape! Hopefully a bit of snow on top of the hard pack, a quick groom and off we go (again!). With the changing weather and bit of snow in the forecast we decided to bring both groomers back to the start and they are at the SSITT connector on the Stick. Hopefully a great ride on the weekend!



Weds Ride Update

January 9th, 2018 by in Everything

So for Wednesday’s night ride we have some possible borderline weather conditions thus unknown trail conditions. Bryan from the “Dusters” got out and pulled groomer #1 to the Red Arrow tree on the Stick. Thanks Bryan!  Groomer #2 should still be at the Ridge intersection on the lollypop. So depending how things are tomorrow night we may ride or snowshoe or both! So maybe bring your Fat Bike and snowshoes and a pack to carry them with as we may ride for a bit then snowshoe. Who knows?? No matter what is will be a fun time out there! See everyone tomorrow night.

Crank the Shield – 2018

January 8th, 2018 by in Everything

Crank the Shield is back again, this year heading further north to Sault Ste Marie!


Not a tonnes of details released as of yet, but this looks like a pretty amazing adventure.

Take a look at the below video.

Definitely would be a fun trip for sure!!!!





Upcoming Ride Guide

January 8th, 2018 by in Everything

Good morning everyone,


Rides / Spins for the week have been posted up.

Please keep an eye on the website, and mindful of the trails with the warm up.  If the trails are too soft, please don’t ride them.  Go grab your snowshoes and pack them down.




Sunday Trail Review

January 7th, 2018 by in Everything

Jan 7th 2018.

A great group of folks where out there today snowshoeing, skiing, grooming and riding. The Stick hardened up nicely overnight as did the Ridge connector section that was snowshoed yesterday. The “Honda crew” where out this morning snowshoeing the lollypop. Part of our group re-groomed the Stick and the first half of the lollypop, then snowshed the Ridge. There were others doing the ridge and some riders had ridden the remainder of the Ridge connector. This all allowed us to ride and groom most of the trails. Still a bit more to run the groomer over (second half of lollypop. The ridge trail was being stubborn because of the high winds causing drifting). The 14 km out there is basically all ridable except the first half of the Ridge. It will likely need a quick shoe-and-groom.

The mild weather coming up will likely help out once the temps drop back down below zero. If we can avoid rutting up the trails in the warm periods we should be in excellent shape.

Because there have been so many people out working together to groom the trails, we have added a second groomer! Now we have two of them out there that can be pulled around whenever someone feels like it. One currently is at the start of the trails at the SSITT connector turn off and number two is out on the lollypop at the Ridge connection point. It never hurts to pull it around for a bit as the more the trails have the groomer pulled over them, the better they get. As a note, I have found it works much better to have it attached to your hydration/backpack then your bike.

Thanks again to the efforts of many, it’s great to still be riding single track. Keep up the great work.