DCF trail update

January 23rd, 2021 by in Everything
DCF update:
DCF…Groomer crew (well, mostly Doug) was out this morning tag-teaming again and groomed the network. Should be good to go for Fat Bikes. Winter single track & AT 1 & 2 machine groomed & Ken & Steve’s “bike groomed”.

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Trail Update…again

January 22nd, 2021 by in Everything
DCF…well we were expecting 1-4cm of snow by the end of Friday. We have already gotten 1-4 inches overnight!
We are going to groom Sat AM so trails will be better Sunday vs Sat.
Definitely not suitable for skinnies and plus bikes. The first tracks on the fresh grooming yesterday were from a skinny…Ugh. Please ride skinnies in regions where there has not been a lot of fresh snow.

Trail Update

January 21st, 2021 by in Everything

Trail Condition Update. Jan 21st. Two of us tag-teamed today and completely groomed the entire network. 35+km’s of trails groomed. Both Adventure Trails (AT 1 &2) are done and now that it’s freshly groomed they should be a bit easier to follow. They both start the same then split after 1-2km’s. AT1 is now on Trailforks as Adventure Trail 1 and AT2 should be up soon. Tomorrow should be epic. Thank you for everyone for holding off today…

Trail Update Jan 20th

January 20th, 2021 by in Everything

We got a some fresh snow the other day so the groomer crew is going to head out tomorrow for a long tag-team session to get everything (single track and AT 1 & 2) groomed. There is more snow on the way so we thought it best to pack this in. It will be above zero tomorrow so if everyone could refrain from riding tomorrow that would be beneficial. Cold overnight so that will set the trail in for sure. Riding tomorrow on the fresh grooming while it above zero will just undermine the work put in by the groomer team. Friday on the trails will be awesome!

We have been seeing more skinnies and plus bikes out trying to ride the trails. Going out now that we have fresh snow is likely not a good idea as you will just leave your mark behind and create way more work for those of us who spend all day grooming.

See you out there!

Trail Condition Update

January 17th, 2021 by in Everything

We got out on the trails yesterday. They are definitely icing up in a lot of places. A light dusting of snow last night which is just likely enough to hide the ice. If you are not running studded tires be a bit carful out there as the ice may creep up on you. Adventure Trail 1 & 2 are in good shape as well.

Snow this upcoming week (hopefully) so the groomer crew will be back at it.

Kens’s & Steve’s are also well “bike groomed”.

Trail Update

January 3rd, 2021 by in Everything

Trails are in the best shape so far this year. Doug from the groomer crew got out and did a 4 & 1/2 hour tour early Saturday morning which set things up for a most perfect weekend of Fat Biking! Some more fresh snow today which should pack in well on the great base we have. I re-groomed the Adventure trail 1 (AT1) and AT2 today. AT1 is likely good to go, AT2 will likely still need another pass to pack down. So head out and explore! The AT trails will always lead you back to somewhere you know.

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DCF Main Tract parking

December 29th, 2020 by in Everything

Hi everyone. It’s been noticed that most people are parking in the Main Parking lot. For several reasons it would be a good idea to disperse when you are parking. The “south parking” area remains open to help provide places to park to spread out. I would encourage everyone to park in the south area if possible if there are already several cars in the Main lot. Let’s all keep safe while enjoying the isolation of the Forest. Take care, enjoy and thanks.

For the “south parking” turn right (south) on the roadway as soon as you pull off Airport Rd. Follow it past the gate and there are lots of parking options. The trails start and finish right in the field.

Trail Update-another 5 hour tag-team effort!

December 28th, 2020 by in Everything

The groomer crew (T2 & D) got out today for another 5 hour tag-team effort. Everything is freshly groomed. 18kms of single track and 10km’s of adventure trails. Cold tonight with some fresh snow will make the trails awesome tomorrow. Could the first person out please remove the “cone” and clear the entrance to the trails. Anyone with proper trail sense and judgement can move the cone on or off.

Unfortunately some people couldn’t wait until tomorrow….

Nice..these tracks will be frozen in tonight.

On anther “etiquette” note, if you can’t make it up a hill, please don’t walk on the groomed trail if possible. Please walk to the side. There were a number of people walking up the hills on the weekend (and today) which chews up the trail quite badly. The groomer crew and other riders would appreciate it. Thanks!

Enjoy tomorrow…

No riding today :(

December 28th, 2020 by in Everything

Trails are way too soft today, even the adventure trail. We are back our grooming again right now so please don’t head out as it will be a mess. Cold temps tonight…trails will be amazing tomorrow!


Trail Update

December 27th, 2020 by in Everything

Trails have been groomed by the groomer crew yesterday. 5 1/2 hour 2 person tag team effort.

During lock down we need to observe the Provincial regulations. Stay close to home (ride trails close to where you live), social distance, park spaced apart and please don’t congregate in the parking lot.

The “south parking” area (field area, take the roadway to the south as soon as you turn off Airport Rd) is still accessible and it would be a good idea to park there instead of the Main parking lot if possible to spread things out.

Enjoy the peacefulness of the Forest.

Trail Conditions

December 26th, 2020 by in Everything

Lots of awesome snow! No grooming yet, just some snowshoeing.

Dec 19th trail and weather update

December 19th, 2020 by in Everything

Well yesterday they said it was going to rain Sunday. It’s snowing right now and the rain is no longer forecasted so trails should still be great tomorrow. It’s forecasted to be plus three but things are pretty hard packed so hopefully the trails should stand up. As always,  just use good judgement based on the track you leave behind.

Sat 11am

December 18th, 2020 by in Everything

Looking at the weekend weather K&I are heading out at 11am on Saturday. Sunday is warm and wet so we want to avoid that as it’s likely going to just ice up the trails.

If anyone wants a ride posted at a different time/date let me know and I’ll pop it up for you.

I was out for a run today and the trails looked awesome!!!