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Weekend Ride + Dinner

December 15th, 2017 by in Everything

Good afternoon all,


Weekend Ride has been added to the calendar.

For anyone interested, we are going to head to the Creemore Pub for dinner after the ride.

If interested, let Johnny or Tyler know so we can reserve a table.

If only wanting to go for dinner, assumed 5:30 at the pub.



Dec 13 Ride Report/Trail Condition Update

December 14th, 2017 by in Everything

It’s been awhile since we have done a ride report and since these are now also getting important to report how and which trails are doable, here you go!

We will try and keep the “Trail Info” tab updated through the winter to help folks out.

December 13th 2018 6pm, -12 degrees.

Well six of us continued our Wednesday night tradition…”the ride must go on”. For those of you who don’t know we are likely in our 4th (?) year of keeping the Wednesday ride alive…someone has always been out no matter what the conditions. We have only missed a few and it was due to conditions that would of been detrimental to the trail if we rode.

So…Mike, Shawna, Andy, Brian, Eric and I (Johnny) headed out to see what we could do. Lots of fresh snow so it was a bit tough but totally doable. We rode the Stick, Lolly-pop, over to the Ridge and then Lolly-pop, Stick and out. We logged 16km of awesome riding. It was an amazing night and everyone agreed that it was an incredible night for a ride. No one was feeling the -12 degrees, everyone was completely comfortable and enjoyed their time in the Forest.

As Mike said he was at home with the family, the house was warm and the thought of heading out in the cold night was not very inviting at all. I’m sure the rest of us all felt the same way. But he decided to go as did we. And we all experienced a terrific night. I have a saying (or kinda a mantra) that I know is shared by others…no matter how bad it seems outside, no matter how little you feel like getting out there, by the time you are done how many times do you regret you went? Me…Zero. Last night the other 5…no regrets, just happiness.

So now that section of the trail is in awesome shape for a fat bike ride, run, or walk. My suggestion, get out into the woods and play. You will likely feel much better afterwards.


Fat Biking – Albion Hills

December 14th, 2017 by in Links

For anyone looking for another spot to fat bike, Albion Hills is now open for Fat Biking.


I’m not sure how many km etc are open, but definitely worth the trip down there for sure.


Safe Trails,





Thursday Spin with a twist!

December 13th, 2017 by in Everything

Hey everyone. So if you haven’t done a spin class but have been thinking about trying it out I’m doing something a bit different this Thursday. The class will be taught to a U2 live concert video…90 minutes of working out while enjoying a live concert! Not your ordinary class. Want to try it out, you can just pay as you go (pay $15 each time, no membership required) and\or if you enjoy it purchase a 10 pack at a discounted rate. If you have never been to Headwaters let me know as your first class is free. Sorry about the U2 short notice, I just received my DVD the other day. I will be doing this again in the months to come…see you!


Bucketlist Ride….. COLT (Central Ontario Loop Trail)

December 12th, 2017 by in Links

Well for folks that are more interested in other activities, here is a great write up on the Central Ontario Loop Trail.

Would be a great ride for sure, 5 days bike packing in central Ontario.

Maybe the next ride after Park to Park, or PEI?

I would spend the time reading it for sure, really well written, and to be honest, you could mimic the ride for sure.



Solo Bikepacking the Central Ontario Loop Trail: COLT





Beer Review: Railway City: Black Coal Stout

December 11th, 2017 by in Beer Reviews, Everything

As we move closer and closer to the holiday season, and the stress of shopping, and preparing for meals over shadows the joy of time that we will get to spend together, we all need to sit back and relax.  One way to do so, is by having a refreshing beverage.  Now I do apologize for the lack of beer reviews there has been lately, like most distinguished writers, I too lose the passion for a while, and well I’m not distinguished, or really a writer…. I’m just someone who enjoys a beer once and a while, and for that I bring you, Railway City’s Black Coal Stout review.


For me personally, when the weather begins to get cold, as it is, and the snow starts to fall, which it has started, I move towards stouts again.  I find a nice stout just brings me to a nice warm feeling, like wrapping yourself up in a flannel blanket, or sitting by the fire drinking an apple cider, but instead of a cider, it is a stout.


If you google the word “Stout” it really does not mention beer, so that is a little bit of wasted time for you, and I apologize for that.  But now you are probably Googling Stout, so I’ll wait for you to finish, or you may not come back to the review, and get stuck in a spiral google search, or web as some call it.  But I digress.


Railway City Brewing Company, is based out of St. Thomas Ontario.  If you do not know where that is, well you can google it as well.  Google is pretty amazing sometimes!  Or another option is their website, which is below!


Snapshot from



Now for the bread and butter of this whole post and really the reason why you are still reading, the actual review of Black Coal Stout.

Now we should start with the appearance, and we can use the photo above, cause it is so much easier doing an appearance description when you have something to look at.  Now if only I had a laser pointer that I could not operate to show you what I’m talking about… So you will have to use your imagination on this one.  As you can tell, I was pretty distinguished drinking this beer, as it was poured into a glass.  Whether it was the proper glass for the beer I do not know, but still, glass is a glass.  As you can see when poured in the glass, there is a nice brown head, and the body is rich and dark.  The can itself, is a grey colour with some yellow on it, which makes it eye appealing.

Next would be the sniff test.  Like smelling a bouquet of flowers, you drop your nose to the beer and take a deep breath in.  Now I will give you a warning, don’t put your nose so close that you inhale beer, cause I assume it will burn.   Now the smells that I took in were, mainly a coffee, chocolate and smokey notes.  Now this will vary from person to person, depending on their nose.  The smokey chocolate and coffee notes go hand in hand with the stout.  It was a very pleasant aroma if I do say so myself.

For the piece de resistance, taste.  What can I say other than it was a very satisfying stout. There were many roasted hues, as well as pronounced coffee flavors.  It was I would say a medium bodied beer, with a very smooth creamy texture.  There was no sudden punch in the mouth flavors, which was perfect.  The Black Coal stout just left you very satisfied while drinking it, just a quite enjoyable beer.


Overall I would have to say the Black Coal Stout was one of my more favorite Stouts.  I’ve been around the block with stouts over the years, thanks in part to the group of friends and family I have.  I would recommend anyone who is a purveyor of stouts to go out and track this one down.


Overall Rating:  4.57 out of 5


Was the beer hoppy?  Nope not hoppy at all, just a smooth tasting stout.. As Homer Simpson would say, ” mmm beer “

Would you recommend the beer to a friend?  Oh 100%, anyone who fancies a stout should try this one. 

What day is international Stout Day?  November 8th…. yup there is a international stout day.  Google is fun sometimes.






Upcoming Ride Guide

December 11th, 2017 by in Everything

Good morning All,


Rides for the week have been posted to the calendar.




Sat ride

December 9th, 2017 by in Everything

Who wants to ride? Karen and I are heading out at 2:30 this afternoon for a loop. It should be around zero/minus 1 and not too much snow. I’ll be taking my skinny bike today. Have a great day!

Pink Bike – Interesting Article

December 7th, 2017 by in Everything, Links

For anyone who is interested in how light you can make a bike, there is a really interesting article on Pink Bike.


Below is the link.  It really makes you think about the advancements made in the cycling world, and what is to come.


Lighter doesn’t mean stronger, but it sure would be fun to play around on different things.






Upcoming Ride Guide

December 4th, 2017 by in Everything

Good morning,


Rides / Spins for the week have been added to the calendar.


Have a great week




Sunday Ride

December 2nd, 2017 by in Everything

What great weather! Thinking of a 2:30 start Sunday at Dufferin. Trails are dry and clear.

Upcoming Ride Guide

November 27th, 2017 by in Everything

Good afternoon all,


Rides / Spins for the week are up and posted.

Enjoy the beautiful weather!




Sunday ride, Wednesday note.

November 24th, 2017 by in Everything

So we are going to go for it on Sunday afternoon (2:00 Dufferin).  The weather keeps changing so what the heck…

We have some B-days coming up. Mike, Paul and Tyler.  While we are not sure if any of them can make it Sunday we can still have a ride in their honour! We are also having another B-day ride for all them on Weds night. 3 birthdays, 2 birthday rides. For both Sunday and Weds we will head back to the clubhouse after the ride for a bit. Let’s hope that covers it. See you out there.



Albion Fat Bike Festival

November 20th, 2017 by in Everything

Well folks back by popular demand, the Albion Fat Bike Festival hosted by Superfly Racing and Sean Ruppel is back.


Date is January 13th, 2018.




And again, there is the costume contest, which Chris has won both years now as Thor and the horse.





So as you can see this is a fun time for sure.

The great part about the festival, is there is the race of 20km, or a fun 10km Poker run, which we normally do.  Cause why not have an awesome social time in the forest, wearing a costume that hampers you ability to ride, and you laugh until you can barely breathe.






Upcoming Ride Guide

November 20th, 2017 by in Everything

Good morning All,


Rides for the week are up on the Calendar.


Check them out and enjoy the week!