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Monday Ride/Trail Report

February 24th, 2020 by in Everything

Chris and I got out for a ride tonight and actually got in a solid ride. It was basically a 17km hammer fest on double track and snowmobile trails. That doesn’t seen very far but there were no free km’s tonight, even downhill you had to pedal. The snowmobile trail was actually in awesome shape for riding, just a bit soft on top which was to be expected. We got to reminisce about Fat Biking “back in the day” (like only a few years ago!) when this was our Fat loop and all we had to ride. We agreed that the single track is awesome!!

We passed by the single track a few times and it looked really tempting and in quite good shape, but we didn’t give in to it and passed it by. It was clear someone had ridden when it was soft but for the most part the majority of riders showed great respect. Thank you for that. One more day of plus temps Tuesday then cold and snow so please hold off for one more day. It will be worth it. We’ll have to see how the snow comes and what happens with the grooming based on that and take it from there. Wednesday ride should be a go unless we get a heap of snow.

Have fun out there and I’m away for a week but will try and keep in the loop and update when I can. If anyone wishes to e-mail me a report I can post that up no problem.

Saturday Ride/Trail update

February 21st, 2020 by in Everything

TVG will head out at 11:00 am Saturday morning for a ride. It will be just above zero when we finish so we should be good.

Let’s all keep a close eye on the warm temps and trail conditions over the next few days. The trails are in great shape at the moment. Once it starts getting above 2 degrees or so the snow will start to soften up and any rutting up will become frozen in overnight. So for the next few days plan your ride around the hourly forecast. Saturday won’t be too hard to manage, Sunday with a high of 8 is definitely trail trashing temperatures. If you are finishing up and you think things are getting too soft feel free to put the cone up to discourage others. Thanks from the groomer crew!

Trail Update/Weds Ride

February 18th, 2020 by in Everything

Wednesday ride is a go from DCF parking lot at 6pm.

One of the groomer crew got out today and got his “marathon badge” (it’s when you groom the entire 18km network (22.2km by the time you get there and back) in one go. Around 3 hours of work). Word is the trails are completely freshened up and will the temps dropping they should be slot track of Fat Bike trail goodness tomorrow. Yee-Haw… lets ride!

Feb 17th Trail report

February 17th, 2020 by in Everything

Trails were the best they have ever been today. I know I’ve said that I’ve had my best ride ever before (twice actually) but today took the cake. I met a lot of great folks out today as well.  The trails where the fastest I’ve ever been on for a winter ride. An awesome day!!!




We have some overnight snow (3-5cms?) followed by rain and a plus temp day Tuesday. Please avoid the trails tomorrow and one of our groomer crew is going to try and regroom everything after the rain stops to pack it all in. Then back to sub zero temps Tuesday night. If everyone refrains from riding tomorrow and lets it set up overnight the trails will be awesome again on Weds.

Yeh Fat Biking!!

Trail Report/TVG Sunday Ride

February 14th, 2020 by in Everything

Fresh snow on Thursday and the groomer crew got right on it and double teamed to get everything groomed for the weekend. The 18 km’s of trails should be amazing!

Mansfield Outdoor Centre has groomed today adding in another 34km’s of Fat Bike goodness.

TVG will be riding from MOC this weekend, Sunday 2pm from the Main Lodge. Reminder $15 incl. tax for a whole day pass if you want to come earlier. We will celebrate the ride afterwards. Anyone can feel free to come out and help support MOC’s Fat Biking.

See you out there!


***Wednesday Ride Notice*** (and Sunday MOC ride notice)

February 10th, 2020 by in Everything

Hi Wednesday gang. As the trail network is not yet fully groomed we are going to start the Weds ride from the Mansfield Outdoor Centre at 6pm. Park by the Main Lodge (where the Epic 8 starts from). From there we will be able to get a decent ride in. And we get to start by climbing that super fun hill!!!

Also our weekend ride will be from the MOC on Sunday. Time TBA. They will have all their trails groomed for Fat Biking by then and hopefully DCF trails are all up to speed. I have groomed the MOC single track as well but it will still need another pass to be good to go. Hopefully by the weekend.

The whole groomer crew was hard at work today!

You can now check the status of the MOC trails on their website as they are now open for FBing most weekends.


Trail Condition Update

February 10th, 2020 by in Everything

We got a lot of fresh snow Sunday night and it was heavy snow. We got some grooming done today but still some more grooming to go before we are back up to good conditions.

So right now the trails are not really great. You are in all fresh snow (3-5 inches) right from the parking lot. We are trying to get the grooming done so we have a great set up for the weekend.

Trail Report-Sunday Ride

February 7th, 2020 by in Everything

Lots of fresh snow!!! Trails definitely needed regrooming….so we groomed, and groomed, and groomed!!

All 18km’s have been freshly groomed tonight. If you have a choice between riding Sat vs Sunday, pick Sunday as the trail will need some time to set up. There was a lot of fresh powder to pack in and it may still be a bit soft tomorrow. Ride wisely, check behind you. If you are digging in, can’t climb hills then please don’t continue. You should know within the first 300m. We spent 5 hours today combined to get these trail ready. Please respect all the hard work our groomers do. This is not easy & does carry a $$ expense and it can ruined in 30 minutes of poor judgement. One day won’t hurt & Sunday should be amazing.

On that note, TVG will be riding Sunday at 1pm from the DCF Main Parking lot. MOC is closed this weekend. It should be a beautiful day in the Forest! Check out the pics from the marathon grooming session!!

MOC FYI. Closed this weekend :(

February 6th, 2020 by in Everything

Hey gang. Just a heads up that MOC will be closed for FBing and skiing this weekend. They have a private function on the go. Too bad as conditions would of been great! Chris and I rode part of the Red trail on Monday and it was insanely fast and awesome!!!

Maybe next weekend??!!


Weds Night Ride Report

February 5th, 2020 by in Everything

So on Monday, Chris and I had likely one of the best Fat Bike rides ever. Beautifully groomed single track, perfect conditions, moonlight casting shadows in the Forest, super fast trails…best ride ever.

Hmm, so what happens when you have a ride that is better than the “best ride ever”? Well tonight I guess we had the Uber Best Ride Ever!

Harder packed trails, even more perfect conditions, bigger moon and faster! 100% single track. Crazy. It was so good.

If you can get a ride in before the snow starts to accumulate I recommend getting out. We will be grooming the new snowfall on Friday so hopefully it will set up well for the weekend.

Just a reminder that if you want somewhere warm to start and finish your ride and want more trails to ride Mansfield Outdoor Centre is open on a permanent basis if they are open for skiing. Just check their website and if skiing is open, so is Fat Biking for only $15 incl tax. Give it a try one weekend with your group…the Chilli is always awesome!


Monday Night Ride & Trail Report

February 3rd, 2020 by in Everything

Chris and I headed out for a ride tonight. More importantly, one of our groomer crew headed out today and pulled off the full 18km in one go so everything was freshly groomed. The trails where just starting to get narrower and dishing out and needed freshening up. They got that for sure. The groomer (both the machine and the person!) did an incredible job. The trails where amazing. It was just below zero when we headed out and the trails were firming up. We where having so much fun that we just kept riding.

Again someone proved that skinny bikes are not fat bikes. At least they turned around after riding 4km of freshly groomed trail so I’ll give them credit for that. And in all fairness it did start out ok for them and just seemed to get worse. But still, everywhere else advocates for a minimum tire size of 3.8 on Fat bike trails.

So be careful tomorrow as it’s going above zero but after that it’s below zero so if you want to Fat Bike some awesome single track, hit the trails and enjoy.

Freshly groomed trail… 🙂



Not Fat Bike Tracks… 🙁




Sat 2 pm ride from MOC

January 31st, 2020 by in Everything

I was out today for a ski and a bit of grooming and had a chance to check out the trails. They are in great shape for riding. Mansfield Outdoor Centre has been grooming as well and now has a Groomed Fat Bike Lane on all their loops. There may be a chance that the MOC 4km single track trail will be good to ride as well as it was groomed a week ago.

We are going to start from the MOC and help support their efforts and show our appreciation for what they are doing for Fat Biking. We will be purchasing a pass for $15 (incl. tax, bring correct change if possible) for the day to support the cause. We will finish there and can have a happy hour beverage and some snacks so bring what you would like to have afterwards (think “Shed” snacks & stuff!). Bring a change of clothes as well as we can use their washrooms for changing. We will be parking by the Main Lodge.

Everyone is welcome to ride from the MOC whenever their ski trails are open as they are going to continue to be open for FBing all winter. Just check their website or FB page.

These are MOC’s single track and 2 track trails today!

Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow!

Trail Report cont.

January 23rd, 2020 by in Everything

Just got another trail report in (I’m relying on others right now as I’m away). Still a no go…the cone is up at the start to hopefully give people the idea as it seems some are still going out even thought it may not be the best idea. If you do a test ride and it’s good, feel free to move the cone off. Likewise if anyone is out and feels the trails would be damaged by riding, feel free to make the judgement call and put the cone on the trail.

Next issue…plus bikes are not fat bikes. There is clear evidence (ruts, and this has been happening more than once. Plus bike ruts are really obvious) that there has been some plus bikes out riding. This is happening when the trails are not even not good for Fat Bikes. Please don’t ride your plus bike out there unless the trails are rock solid and even then…..Fat bikes are not that expensive and who doesn’t want a new bike!

We spend hours and hours (and they are really hard work hours) during the day and sometimes at night grooming to try and provide well packed endless single track to Fat Bike and not to mention the fuel and maintenance costs for the machine. These trails are then there for enjoyment for free. The groomer crew continues to ask for your respect for the trails and the work everyone is doing.



Trail Report

January 23rd, 2020 by in Everything

I’ve been getting several reports that the weather is not co-operating and the trails are still too soft to ride. The snowmobile trail is the way to go at the moment.

Please continue to be careful, use good trail damage judgement and show respect for your groomer crew and don’t ride if you are struggling and leaving ruts.

It will all come around soon enough and trails will set in


Trail Update

January 22nd, 2020 by in Everything

The groomer crew has been out working hard and has all the trails regrouped. They should be ok to go today. There was a lot of fresh snow to pack so please make sure that they are packed in well before you continue. We’ll see how it goes and they may or may not need another groom to get them perfect again. No ruts please!

MOC has groomed again so their trails may be good as well. Again , lots of snow to pack in so play it be ear.